вторник, 27 октября 2009 г.

Britney Tranforms Her Man From Geek To Chic!

britneyboyfriendmakeover2.jpgAlthough Britney's agent/boyfriend Jason Trawick may have had a hand in transforming the pop star's life over the past few years, Britney has repaid the favor by taking her guy from geek to geek chic! britneyjasontransformation.jpg Jason didn't look like anything special when we first told you these two were an item back in '06. When things really started to get hot n' heavy between the two, in May of 2008, Jason was looking a little heavy himself, with hair that was looking a little more salt than pepper. Cut to a year later, and Britney's boy had already lost the weight in May, but started to look even better when Brit encouraged him to wash that gray right out of his hair in June! And the transformation was complete this weekend, when, on a romantic date at Little Door, Jason looked cool and confident. Sure, he could retire the v-neck tee, but he's finally looking worthy of a rock star like Britney!
Click through the gallery to check out Jason's evolution! He's totes adorable -- now!

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