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Happy 18th Birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears!

Born on this day in 1991, little Jamie Lynn Spears is finally old enough to buy cigarettes to smoke while pregnant with her next kid! Woo! Congrats, Jamie Lynn!

Just kidding. We know she'd never do that. Then again, we wouldn't be surprised at anything she and boyfriend / fiance / baby daddy Casey Aldridge might try.

Anyway, here's wishing a happy 18th birthday to the hottest, famous, unwed teen mom in the continental U.S. Bristol Palin can still claim that title in Alaska!

Jamie Lynn Spears: The Rumors Are True

We feel like Jamie Lynn Spears is trying to tell us something...

We haven't seen or heard much from JLS in recent weeks, as she's been caring for her baby girl and laying low in Mississippi. But we hope things are going great.

Here's a little photo tribute to birthday girl to former actress, possible future country singer, sister of Britney and mother of Maddie Briann, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Click to enlarge some great pics of Jamie Lynn, past and present ...

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