воскресенье, 12 апреля 2009 г.

Will The Truth Finally Come Out?

jamiebritsam.jpgX17online can confirm that Britney has been called to testify on behalf of Jon Eardley, Esq., the attorney she reportedly hired to help disentangle her from her father's clutches. Jamie accused Eardley of harassing Brit in paperwork filed for the restraining orders against Sam and Adnan. The papers claim that Lutfi and Ghalib, through Eardley, were trying to gain control of Brit's affairs. Eardley is insisting that Britney appear at his trial to testify whether or not she authorized him to act as her attorney and whether or not he has actually caused her emotional distress. An X17online reporter heard a recorded conversation between Britney and Eardley from last year, in which Britney told the attorney she wanted "her life back" and that she would accept his help in accomplishing that. That conversation (and others which have surfaced since then), certainly support his claim that he's only acting on her wishes. If she does take the stand, which Eardley argues she's certainly fit to do, will this be Britney's opportunity to tell the truth and get out from underneath her father's thumb once and for all? Or will Jamie find another way to keep her under his control? I hope she finally gets the chance to speak to the public about this! It's been over a year since her father's been her conservator, I seriously doubt she could still be considered a "danger to herself and others" at this point!

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