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Britney Spears sexiest woman in music – Billboard.com

Billboard has named Britney Spears the sexiest woman in music. Not only did she win top place, she overshadowed the competition. While Britney got 27% of the votes, her closest competitor was Beyonce who got 13% of the votes. This isn’t a huge surprise. We all know Britney looks super hot in a bikini am I right?
Britney also beat out other very attractive women:
Britney Spears 27%
Beyonce 13%
Miley Cyrus 9%
Rihanna 8%
Lady GaGa 7%
Carrie Underwood 6%
Shakira 4.1%
Nicole Schezinger 4%
Taylor Swift 3.5%
Katy Perry 2.5%
Way to go hot mama!
Image: Newscom
Post from: Britney Groupie

Post from: Britney Groupie

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